By ClaireVoyle


Another amazing day in Yellowstone.

The day started with me proposing to Shelly.....she said yes!

We then headed out to see some of the geysers in the park. We saw far too many for me to name. But they were brilliant. We got to Old Faithful just in time to catch it going off. Unfortunately Grand Prismatic was difficult to see because of all of the steam blowing off it and the hillside view is closed. We will try again before coming home.

We found a few rapids and waterfalls so the perfect opportunity for me to practice long exposure with my ND filter. I am rather disappointed with the Tiffin 10 stop as it turns everything red, to the point where it is difficult to change it in LR afterwards. So I copped out and made it black and white.

Tomorrow we are heading to Artist Point, Yellowstone Canyon and then to see if we can spot some bears further north.

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