Day at the Races

Slightly woolly headed start to the morning, but soon all suited and booted and in a taxi out of the City Centre and down the Firth coast a bit to Musselburgh. Crowds were already building before noon and the bars were well and truly packed out well before the first race had even started. Normally this is a two day event, with Ladies Day on the Friday, but it seems there’s still a bit of superstition around horse racing so as this Friday was a Friday the thirteenth, the two events had been combined to run together today. We’ve been a few times on the Saturday and it’s always busy, but having all the extra hundreds of glammed up ladies teetering around on impossible high heels made for a bit of a tight squeeze at times, especially around the bars as they squeezed in for their cocktails and Prosecco.

All that, along with the good weather and the thrill of a little flutter on the gee-gees makes for a great atmosphere and, even though we came out with hardly a winner amongst the four of us, it’s definitely a fantastic day out.

These three very glamorous and very energetic young ladies demanded I take their photo when they saw me lining up for a shot of another of my losing bets galloping in to the finishing post. They were very persuasive and who was I to argue anyhow? The horses are still there in the background too, if you look close.We were all knackered wandering around the place in 'practical' footwear, God knows how some of these ladies manage wearing those implements of torture for any length of time.

We were all merrily transported back into town via a top deck bus ride and a free train journey, then decided a much more subdued Saturday night would be best for us party animals. Jammies, telly, pizza and wine, with the odd snooze thrown in for good measure.

Think we may be heading back for Ladies Day number 11 next year though.

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