Retro tea

Another day that didn't go as planned! At the Morning Job for about 15 minutes when there was a power cut. Alarms buzzing and beeping all over the place. We can't work without computers and internet up and running so, having established that it could take 3 hours before someone would arrive to fix it, I came home.

Used the time very productively - filed away ALL the papers from my In tray. Not surprisingly it took several hours, but it's done! Hooray!

We decided to have a nostalgic, retro 1960s/early '70s tea. In our family, this was traditional Saturday evening fare - salad with tinned salmon mashed with vinegar and white pepper (or tinned ham) and sliced hard-boiled egg followed by tinned fruit salad and evaporated milk (or, for special occasions, tinned long-life cream).

It was very nice, but not quite authentic! Couldn't find one of those limp green lettuces for a start, and we used mayonnaise rather than salad cream, and brown bread instead of white. One definite improvement since the '60s - there's more than one half-cherry in tin! And far more on each plate than there would have been then...

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