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Healthy Snack

Bit of a blip-block today so I've sat down with a cup of coffee for a bit of a think...

Mrs Delphwynd has been buying and feeding us lots of good healthy grub since the holidays finished. Lots of fruit and vegetables and the like as can be seen by the cranberries I'm nibbling on just now (chocolate..? no, not allowed the stuff).

I'm also sitting here listening to both the Mrs and the daughter shouting abuse at the television as they perform some sort of ritual torture ceremony together on the floor in front of Mrs Davina McCall, decked out in shorts and T-shirts, and blaming each other over all the noxious gases that are filling the room (see previous paragraph, fruit and vegetables, etc. Actually, never having experienced a gym class full of muscle manipulating, fibre eating fitness freaks, is this something that happens? Is there some sort of extraction system installed or are the floors and walls made of that material you get in shoe boxes that absorbs and filters the air? Just wondering...)

Anyway, the cranberries are nice, even though I'm a bit puzzled/intrigued that the ingredients says there's only 35% cranberries in there. There's also 64% of something called 'Deflavoured Pineapple Syrup' (which I read as 'Deflowered Pineapple Syrup' initially) - I mean... how do you even de-flavour something..? And, of course, why?

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