The other day I was idly wondering if I'd ever get round to bothering to try and sell my existing tripod in order to upgrade to a slightly sturdier version with legs which lock in more than one position, preferably permitting a much wider splay in order to be able to get down to low-level interesting things. Later that same day, one of the cheapyplastic leg-locks cracked, rendering the tripod even more worthless in terms of resale value than it was already. It still works fine but now requires a bit of tape to keep the leg-lock tight (in addition to the bit of tape required to prevent the bolt which holds the head-locking arm in place from falling out if the head-locking arm is loosened a bit too much, as happened on the eleventh of March 2007). Seeing as it's no longer worth trying to flog I might try and adapt it, either sawing off a bit of each section of each leg to make it slightly more compact for carrying or possibly fiddling with the hinge-bits of the legs to see if they can be reshaped or otherwise persuaded to go a bit wider. First of all I shall need to find my bicycle multi-tool as it's my main source of Allen keys, without which this particular tripod shall have to remain whole and unmodified.

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