Took the same pictures as yesterday today. Some very striking Sweet Williams and some Love-in-a-Mist. I processed them all and though I tried being arty with the Love-in-a-Mist I settled on these Sweet Williams in the end because they are more fun.

Work was snagging and documentation. Both are tedious and often get forgotten but are essential if the project is to slip into the water without a ripple. People shouldn't notice good IT projects, they should thinks just got magically better without realising how much effort went into it. I know a lot of projects do tend to go SPLASH! with waves and ripples making a mess for weeks or months afterwards but we don't do projects like that... Or at least that's the plan.

After work I was in the pool for my usual 1 km of front crawl. Mostly good until a duck turned up. I don't mind people being slow but I do mind when they don't let you past them...

Apparently there is some sport thing happening at the moment somewhere and the TV has gone all Latin American...

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