Sweet and sour

I love goosegogs but picking them is an agony of sharp spikes and nettle rash, and then the little buggers have to be topped and tailed...but no pain, no gain, I was determined to make some muffins.

I found a recipe (good old Delia), altered it a bit (no salt needed with all that baking powder, kefir instead of milk, and a handful of white chocolate drops because, well, green gogs can be a bit sharp) and hey presto! delicious gooseberry muffins. I stretched the number from 6 to 9 as well so that having an extra one didn't feel quite so greedy.

My gooseberry bushes are located handily under an elder so I always pick some of those fragrant flowers at the same time, they make perfect companions when cooked together. The recipe calls for elderflower cordial, which I have, but you could substitute runny honey.

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