By Brotographer

Virtuosity (great togetherness word)

You may notice I took this photo with an X100S. My man Matt's bought one and he's raving about it. Shout out to him for letting me try it out, its legit cool and making consider getting one instead of continuing down the DSLR route for casual shooting. What with the advent of phone photography, I can barely pick up my DSLR for social occasions for any more than grabbing quick blip shots. But I don't have a camera phone... So I'm stuck in a no-man's land in the middle, not able to take photos as I want. That's why I'm seriously considering the X100S. It's light, compact, beautiful and best of all: it's good. What to do?
Shooting with it today was fun. The rangefinder is sick to use, as it really changes your take on photography. On the other hand, the focus is hit and miss and I feel like I need to practice more. Also, lots of the photos came out blurry which I didn't notice while shooting. To be fair, the bowling alley is notorious for its horrible lighting to work with, so it would be cool to try again outdoors or somewhere else and see the results again. Food for thought.

These days start pretty casually. Johannes suggested pitch and putt in the afternoon. Turned out to be a great shout. Good weather, 9-hole course on the hill, was a nice first try at golfing. World cup in the evening, before driving down to bowling with a bunch of usual photosoc friends. Bond and me tied at a mighty 128, but of course Shane managed to beat us with 132, with his usual swag as seen in the photo. I got back at him later with games of air hockey, mini basketball and one of those intense arcade racing games.
Basically, we've been doing a lot non-sport sports lately! It's a lot of fun actually, call it social sports.

We headed off to Benji’s after for more drinks and world cup. Only one place left to go when the bell rings though: Kelsey’s. Hadn’t had a proper night there in a while. I guess I’d missed eliminator and playing some thrashing games of pool to the sound of massive tunes. Cause that’s what Kelsey’s is about or do I have it all wrong? When that closed, Becky, Ali and me went back to his and ended up talking well past sunrise. Was 7am when I got to bed. Good night.


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