We had an excellent run up to Scotland from home so had time for a bit of birding on the way. First was the Osprey at Loch of the Lowes, who sadly was still sitting on her nest even though her eggs are now well past hatching. Then it was to Ythan estuary where we found the King Eider who had eluded us last June.

We made it to the ferry at Aberdeen in good time and therefore stress free, and even sailed from the harbour a little early. But then it was announced that once a year the ship's compass had to be reset and, lucky us, tonight was the night. So we drifted and wallowed in a cloud of diesel fumes out to sea off Aberdeen for well over an hour. Though it didn't matter, apart from the fumes, as whether we were under sail or not we could not dock at Lerwick until 7:30 tomorrow morning.

We met a delightful lady on the ferry who had travelled up from London on public transport, and was to meet a friend at Lerwick whereby they would travel on to his house at the top of Unst, again on public transport. I think we had an easier trip!

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