By dunkyc

The Wedding

Very special blip this one because there was a time when it was doubtful that I would ever be at my sisters wedding due to Hutch's ill timed pregnancy. She really can be quite thoughtless at times....

Happily, on this occasion Hutch was incredibly thoughtful and gave birth to our second child in such good time and fashion that we were ALL able to saddle up and journey down to Essex (from Cumbria) to attend the wedding of the year.

It was a cracking day both in a meteorological and atmospherical sense, my sister looked lovely and positively radiated happiness, whilst the groom didn't stop grinning all day.

I had my camera with me, but with three children to attend to (one of whom seemed determined to be in every single camera shot taken by the professional) it was difficult to get anything of any real quality, BUT, I am very happy with this one as I feel like I captured a real moment between the bride and our dad.

We're back oooop norf now and wearied of our endeavours, but glad to have made them. Particularly to wake up in my parents house on the morning of the wedding and to have my sister excitedly dive on our bed and tell us how happy she was to have us all there!

A perfect day.

Ruth (AKA. Auntie Ooooshie / Auntie Sushi) and Alex (AKA. Auntie Alice) - this blip is dedicated to you.

Happy Honeymooning! x

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