By Mariasme

An Experiment

As I'm to be without my camera for some time, I bought one of the new mirrorless cameras, thinking also that I've got to cut the weight of my equipment; it's becoming more and more difficult for me to carry the Nikon D7000 and its lenses and paraphernalia.

However, it's a steep learning curve. I bought an Olympus OM-D E10 with two kit lenses thrown in. Very light weight, but I'm having trouble learning how to use it. The viewfinder is electronic, and I'm still trying to suss out how to focus while looking through the viewfinder. It's easy using the screen. You touch it and the lens focuses on that spot and takes the photo too. (I'd like to prefocus, and then recompose, as I do with my D7000, so the focus is always at the sweet spot in the centre of the lens.)

The manual comes in a truncated version, four languages, in a thin booklet. If you want the whole thing you copy the pdf to your computer, but it's not as nice sitting in bed with the computer as it is with a chunky little manual. I guess I'll have to buy some smaller paper and print it out.

So, in this shot, I was playing with the scene menu.

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