Heart of the rose

Another busy day today. After laundry and breakfast we went to our orchard to check on the trees - they were okay - though I did have fun making the anti-deer cages goblet shaped to better accommodate the growing trees! We then went back, sorted out a second load of laundry - it's was good drying weather, then went out for a bike ride. The bike ride was later than normal and it was a bit warm and humid and over all it was pretty good. I did pick up yet another pinch-puncture from the atrocious so called roads we have, which was a pain...

Today's blip is one of our orange tea rose by the front door, I've blipped it many times before - including my very first blip. It's a shame you can't get smell on the Internet as it's a very strong beautiful smell and always reminds me of home in summer! We bought it cheap many years ago and it travelled with us in a pot form house to house, until this one where it has been firmly planted and is now quite large and very happy.

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