A visitor...

...not to me, to his lovely Grandmother in the bed opposite. I think he's absolutely gorgeous! His Mum brought him over and I was allowed to squidge his lovely little legs, whilst he chatted to me, and smiled :-) Adorable!!

After a frustrating morning a registrar that I knew turned up. Hurray, she understood everything and sorted things out :-) Tomorrow my consultant will visit.
It isn't what I thought it was.
I have Ecoli poisoning :-/
No wonder I was ill!
Ironically I'm bonkers about cleanliness. I shall be worse now.
Maybe I need a new vacuum cleaner? :-)

Chris came to visit which was lovely, with toothpaste :-)
And then my sister came to visit for 2 hours. We've refitted the kitchen :-)

Anyway another night in here with the lovely lady in the bed opposite :-)
It could be worse... although I've gone off the food :-)

Thank you for the comments, I really appreciate them. I will catch up during my convalescence :-) I struggle to concentrate right now.

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