Tonight was Kade's primary 7 prom.

The plan was I finish at work at 6, home 15 minutes later, get Kade sorted and take to his prom for 7.

So what actually happened was last night Kade said he had been invited on his friends party bus to party around Arbroath for an hour before the prom and he was to be at his friends for 5.30!

Aaaaagh I'm working!!

To late today to swap hours, so I had to ask my friend over the road to go to mine at 5 to make sure kade was sorted out and to do his tie and take him to his friends for half 5...

And also I had to go into Dundee to get a shirt for Kade as there is not much here in Arbroath in the way of kids clothing.

So, busy day...

Emotional day as I couldn't be there to see Kade off...

But took a few pictures of Kade and 2 of his friends after they came back.

Kade had a great time and said he was the DJ on the party bus!

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