An Incredible Achievement...

You are looking at part of the Longest Bunting Line in the WORLD.
Huge congratulations to the Cragg Vale Community Association a.k.a the Cragg Vale Bunting team - they now hold the World Record for the Longest Bunting Line!!

Their bunting - to celebrate Le Tour Yorkshire - is over seven and a half miles long.
To be precise is is an incredible 12,115m (39,750 ft 1 in) long, and has 52,939 flags.
It goes along the route of the Tour de France from the bottom of Cragg Vale right up to the top - a very long continuous climb.

The World Record confirmation is here.

More details of how it all happened is on their Facebook page here.

An amazing achievement - and you saw it first on Blipfoto :-)

Press L to view large - it helps with the scale of it all :-)

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