The Life Of Ponty Cyclops

By pontycyclops

Burnet Moth - Newport Wetlands

A quiet Sunday with a short visit to Newport Wetlands.

My bird feeding station broke yesterday. The pole had finally rusted through, and it broke off as I hung the feeder back on it. It's lasted quite well considering it has been stuck in various lawns over the past four and half years. It seemed to be a good excuse to pop down to Newport and use my volunteer card in the shop.

It was pretty quiet on the reserve, and I seemed to time my visit with the only squally showers of the day. I had taken Nigel's 300mm lens to have a play with. I had been hoping to get some photos of the Burnet Moths as it is that time of year again. There were not too many about due to the weather. I managed to get this one and his curly proboscis feeding on a thistle flower.

Birding wise it was very quiet, a nice view of a Sedge Warbler being the best of it really. Still it was a bit of fresh air and stretching of the legs.

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