By SugarSheds1

Filmpoem Alchemy

Absent Voices musician, Yvonne Lyon is always busy.
This picture shows her 'bowing' a guitar (as you do) during the making of a Filmpoem.

Yvonne takes up the story...

"Some ingredients that go into composing a Filmpoem score! I'm in the Foundry Music Lab in Motherwell recording my creative response to Angela Readman's stunning poems as part of a collaboration with Alastair Cook for Absent Voices.

"Award-winning producer and engineer, Sandy Jones, is at the helm. I'm loving getting lost in sounds, melody, motifs and harmony with all the words already in place.

"It's such a treat for me to work this way creatively. Looking forward to seeing Alastair's visual response and the culmination of film, words and music that is Filmpoem."

So say all of us. Can't wait to see and hear this.

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