By Landscapeartist

Blot on the landscape.....

...not for much longer.

Didcot Power Station is due for demolition, which will take two years to complete but three of the iconic 325' towers that have been a landmark for 54 years are due to be 'blown up' in less than a minute, later this month.
I had to drive past them today and thought it would be a good opportunity to capture them for the last time.

We've been in search of garden furniture and a heater again today. My feet have blisters from wearing new shoes but I'm please to say, I've found some really comfortable chairs for the patio and as luck would have it, they were the last two. It started raining as we put them in the car and hasn't stopped since. I still had to try them out even in the pouring rain!

Please stop the rain dancing now Soozy. I need some sun :-)

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