A Meandering Life...

By Skeena

Times Past

Today I visited London for a weekly session at the British School of Osteopathy. The BSO is just around the corner to this photograph.

This is an alley belonging to the Southwark Forge, 8-10 Lant Street, Southwark, London.

Lant Street has a rich history.

Charles Dickens lived there in 1824 whilst his father was in the nearby Marshalsea debtor's prison.

Sir Joseph Lyons of the tearoom fame was born there at No 50 in 1847.

More famously my great grandmother lived in No 16 in 1880/1 and maybe since she was born in 1974. My great-great grandfather was an engineer and the family lived in the area for as far back as I can trace.

It's a small world.

Edit: I see my blip for Mono Monday has been picked as joint favourite together with MagMoments. Well chuffed and thanks again for everyone who have given me stars (my highest to date!) and encouragement. ;-)

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