The second half of life..

By twigs

Bright and cheerful

A busy day which I chose to begin by watching the World Cup semi between Brazil and Germany. I - along with I'm sure, millions of others, settled in for what I was expecting to be a spirited tussle between 2 proud and very capable nations. All good until Brazil went to sleep half way through the first half. To concede 5 goals at this level is a rarity. To concede 5 goals in a World Cup semi-final on home turf in front of millions of passionate fans in just 18 minutes is unforgiveable. The thing that stood out for me though was the manner in which the German team celebrated.......the more they scored the more subdued their celebrations became. To me, this was a real sign of respect towards their opposition. They understood the pain and humiliation Brazil were suffering and had no need to rub salt into their wounds.......good lessons for many a team I think - humility is a worthy character trait.

Vet appointment (for Bene), hair appointment (for me) then home in the afternoon to bring in the washing, do a little weeding and do a bit more on the draw. Spotted this patch of bright, cheerfulness as I drove home - a great mid-winter boost for the soul.

All good.

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