Flower Spirit

By flowerspirit

Learning Curve

This is what a learning curve looks like. For much of this week I've been editing audio files and this image is the graphic that represents my voice recorded in a guided meditation. Prize goes to the person who correctly guesses what I was saying in that moment... Actually I have no idea and I am now so sick of the sound of my own voice I don't think I can bear to open up the file again to check. So as a guided meditation and an audio interview have been edited and completed, loads of new skills were learnt along the way. I'm more used to working with words and visuals so there have been many new things to take into consideration with audio.

I've learnt that if you're going to record yourself doing a guided meditation designed to heal and relax you must make sure that:
1. Your cat doesn't come into the room half way through because it WILL squeak, purr, stretch, yawn and meow and that will add nothing to the ambience.
2. Your Rasta neighbour with two sets of loud decks is not at home while you're recording audio.
3. Your other neighbour who has been drilling in his walls constantly for about 6 months (what can he possibly be doing?) is not at home while you're recording.
4. Your 9 year old son doesn't flop dramatically at the bottom of the stairs shouting 'I'm going blind mum, help me' during recording (by the way he wasn't, and I did).

I've also discovered that you can buy royalty free music online specially designed as backing tracks for healing and meditation and there's some really gorgeous stuff. And if you record an interview with someone, you will laugh your head off as you join together a few key phrases taken out of context.

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