By MrFangsAlot

The 1st GoodGym Westminster run

See the advert on the side of this bus? Well, trying to run around central London at rush hour was just like that - the human traffic sent me round the twist! Of course, I simply HAD to support the GoodGym; I thought what a great way to get the G-G name out there & raise our profile, running through central London! And I'm glad I did it. We were a Great Team. But Hackney's the place for me, alright:- too much money, too much snobbery, & too much self-righteous rich folk for my liking down Westminster way, I'm afraid. I think I'll stay East in future! Still, it takes all sorts, & I wish the Westminster branch of GoodGym all the best success. I really do. Because GoodGym are the BEST.

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