'Ello madge got a new motor?

We drove down to Lincolnshire today to visit my mum. As our car needs it's suspension looked at, and we couldn't get it into a garage until Monday, we had to use MAddy's new car which in timely fashion was just picked up this morning. Roz is on her insurance too since she's not passed yet and it will be used for practice for a month or two until she passes her test.

She was bloody lucky that family members had been putting money aside for her for pretty much her entire life as there wasn't a hope Roz and I could have got hr something as fancy as this. IT's a great wee beginners car. It only has a one litre engine, but that means teh tax is only £30 a year and the insurance group is only group 3.

It handled teh 250 or so miles down the road with no problems, but there's no worries about her getting done for speeding in it, and teh fact they always get five star Euro NCAP safety ratings keeps me happy as a parent.

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