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Altogether now

We've been overwhelmed with the response to Together - masses of you have taken part in one way or another, and submitted more images than we'd dreamed possible. When we woke up this morning, the home page was covered with people holding hands. Truly incredible stuff.

As promised, we've collated everything together into a final collection and produced a special piece of software called 'Altogether' which shows us all joined up, in one long line. Sit back, relax, and watch the wonderful world of Blip go by. If you want a bigger view of anything, just click on it.

Visit the extras page to download Altogether for Mac or PC.

A couple of technical notes on the software:

- The images are all downloaded from Blipfoto in real time, so you'll need a live internet connection for it to work properly

- It runs at a fixed resolution of 1024x768 pixels, so if you want a full screen experience on your monitor or projector, set your screen resolution to the same

We'll be projecting this all over the place at our big Blip Together event here in Edinburgh tomorrow - if you're coming along you'll be able to enjoy it in all its glory then.

If you're one of the many blippers in another part of the world, we hope you'll find a way to enjoy it at some point on Saturday - on your own, or with friends. Whatever you do, make sure you blip it!

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