Moutons jaunes

Today we cycled up to Kettlewell on the smaller roads then joined the route of tomorrow's TDF stage up the Kidstones pass now renamed Col du Cray. We got to the top on our hybrids and there were a lot of people already there scouting the pass out for a good place to watch the Tour from. It was a warm job getting to the top and I had to sit down for a few moments to cool off...

After returning to the camp site we decided to drive to Harrogate to see the town in it's stage ending glory. Having done my degrees in Leeds I've been to Harrogate several times but my better half hasn't so it seemed like a good idea. We had a very nice meal at Betties and soaked up the atmosphere of the town.

Today's (back) blip are some very bright yellow sheep we spotted in a field at Kettlewell. If you ever wondered where the yarn for the Tour's yellow jersey came from before it all went synthetic - here is a visual clue...

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