Clematis florida Pistachio

...................................which I may have blipped before is quite an intriguing plant with an interesting center and creamy green (Pistachio) petals. I have it growing at the front in a pot and it is doing very well, improving on last year when I bought it as a cheap, end of season plant.I like ike a good bargain, if I dont kill it that is.....well it wont be a bargain then.

It was a lovely day today and it was planned to power clean the drive....well it was planned for yesterday but our power cleaner was dubious. When Alan tried it today it started to work although only under certain conditions ( technical ---dont ask).......He decided to go ahead after he had been to the dentist. .........Oh the horrible mess. We both took turns although he did the most of it. I was digging out the large patch at the back of the house in readiness for new plants. I was digging out the thug.... Japanese Anemone, which although it is lovely, it had some good soil to play with and it took over that area going under several plants. I'm trying to make sure there will be non of it there when I plant the new things. Luckily I have not had time to do this until now so some bits have sprung up and I can now tell where to dig them out. A good days work in that tomorrow. My neighbour asked me why I didn't want to read a book instead but I dont. I prefer to do this work and read non fiction for the moment. She prefers to read and not do too much outside.
I think her house might be immaculate though !!!! They are really good neighbours on the other side of yesterdays blip.

After finishing off the power cleaning I went round to water my friends garden. Wasn't in the mood but when I did it it was easy peasy compared to what I had done already today. They have some fabulous red lilies for which I should have had my camera to take a photograph and their garden looks lovely in the evening light.

My sister is in good spirits and told me what it was like to have a lumbar puncture and she saw her own bone marrow and marrow core. It looked fine to me she said, being a biologist...... and a bit of a joker. Well lets hope all will be fine.

Thats it the noo folks

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