3 Peaks Cycle Challenge

By DrewBradley

Devin Castle

So we went to this castle today and it was pretty amazing. Long long history to the place and really well restored. A shame we visited this open air museum on the day, sorry the exact hour, all of July's rain fell at once. It was fun though and we got some atmospheric shots. The people here seem to be one of two schools, really really grumpy or really really friendly. Luckily, most people we have met fall in the latter category.

Met our first out and out mad person today. Not mad as in 'Oooo don't mind me, I'm just a bit crazy' mad, as in talking to / arguing with people who aren't there, dancing and singing with no music or partner, that kind of mad. He seemed to be doing the rounds of anyone who turned up at the bus station (and even some people who weren't apparently) and after disappearing for a while came back with a cigarette and a bottle of beer. As you do.

Now time for some food... goulash and a beer brewed on site. Yeap, that's the restaurant for me!

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