By Brotographer

Pros, Yes We Are

Sort of a repeat of last Monday, we went disc golfing! This time, we tried out the pro course. It was also Matt's first time. Here's our team acting the pros, as you'd expect. Ali did lose a frisbee in the river though, in a hilarious turn of events... guess he didn't want to go for a swim in the end.
Then we went to Duke's of course, joining up with a whole bunch of others. Duke Monday, followed by the Brazil-Cameroon game on the terrace, wrapped under some blankets.

We definitely did some other stuff today... I'll have a think...

Oh yeah. Throwback! Hadn't been in a long time to the night at Saints. Emma, Anu and me went for predrinks at the Clarendon house, where Rowan and a bunch from his flat were also heading. It was a good night, I spent most of it outside, as it was steaming inside Saints and well... none of these old school british songs ring with me. But yeah, lots of graduands and erasmus hanging around made for a good vibe.


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