Blipper's Daily (?)

By blipper

Bliptogether Recursion

Not exactly my best technical shot ever but I just couldn't resist this one.

This is me Blipping the Bambuser live stream video of the Bliptogether event from the event itself. Thinking about the recursive possibilities of this makes my head hurt! It's actually a photograph of myself several seconds into the past as there was a lag on the video of that length...sort of time travelling self-portrait!

I also tried Bambuser myself from the event and shot a couple of very short videos on the iPhone here and here.

I don't think I've been anywhere with quite so many photographers...very nearly got blipped by gbradley...just missed me but got one of my sons in the corner!

Took quite a few other shots of the event and posted them on the other place.

Excellent evening...can't wait for the next event. One suggestion though: next time provide badges so people can write their blipfoto names on!

EDIT: This is the other end of this Blip taken from the Bambuser video feed (thanks DaveH)...think I'll go to bed head really hurts!!

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