Edinburgh Chap's Photos

By GilesGuthrie

Mellow Yellow (2014.192)

I'm a big Bruichladdich fan. Not only do I really like their whisky, but I'm also a fan of the way they're going about setting up an identity for the distillery. The bold packaging (especially in comparison with the fussy prior work) heralds a no-nonsense approach, which is underpinned by some really straightforward thinking.

Where many distilleries wrap up their production methods in a kind of "secret sauce" rhetoric, Bruichladdich lays it all bare. They take a seed-to-bottle approach that allows you to follow the progress of your whisky. They liken it to the French concept of terroir. This "Islay Barley" whisky was distilled on Islay, from grain grown on Islay, then matured in casks stored in the Islay warehouses. It moves less than five miles in the entire production process.

The product is as pure as possible. Unpeated, unchillfiltered, and uncoloured, this is malted grain and cask, pure & simple. It's mellow, golden and delicious.

And it comes in a bright yellow tin, which makes it perfect as an entry for this week's challenge on the theme of "yellow"!

A final note: although this picture was taken in my house in Edinburgh, I've geotagged it with the location of the distillery. If you like whisky, and you ever get even the slightest chance, you should go visit Islay.

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