By E-saint

Contasting Edinburgh: Wauchope Estate/Arthurs Seat

Hi there, i am down at the business centre doing some work so thought this will give me an opportunity to get some photos of area.
What i thought was quite good was the contrast in the photo with not only the landscapes (Wauchope Estate in Niddrie and Arthurs Seat - one of Edinburghs' most beautiful landmark in the city centre and home to Scottish Parliament), but even the weather as one side appears to be sunny while the other grey and overcast.
Was also trying to find out why 'TOLERANCE' was written on the wall but not sure if it had something to do with the WOMANZONE project in Niddrie, which tried to make the streets safer for the local population.

pp.s Croz i have tried to send a number of emails, did you manage to get any as there seemed to be problems at my end.

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