By disdatdudda

volver a los 17...

(trying to "untangle" all the mess at home - my son's trip to south america for 6 months has added to this...keep finding fabrics and wools that have been patiently waiting for me to create something with them.
wool reminded me of Violeta Parra and then this song and...i really dislike reminiscing but there you are...done it!)

"Volver a los diecisiete después de vivir un siglo
Es como descifrar signos sin ser sabio competente,
Volver a ser de repente tan frágil como un segundo
Volver a sentir profundo como un niño frente a dios
Eso es lo que siento yo en este instante fecundo.

Se va enredando, enredando
Como en el muro la hiedra
Y va brotando, brotando
Como el musguito en la piedra
Como el musguito en la piedra, ay si, si, si."

Violeta Parra


To be 17 again after having lived a century
is like comprehending symbols without being a savant,
to suddenly be fragile again, like a second in time,
to feel profoundly again, like a child before God.
That is what I feel in this fruitful moment.

Love entangles, entangles itself
Like ivy on a wall,
and it spreads, spreads
like moss on a stone.

(the only reason i would like to be 17 again is to manage to tackle all those unfinished projects...)


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