Symi Island, Greece

By Jord

House 107

It's been a long time since I've done regular Blips. I've spent the last 2 years building up a Facebook page of photos from Symi, and this is all I've had time for really. But most of the shots are what I would call your 'tourist' shot. Not all of them, but many are wide angle snap shots of where I am. Abstract shots don't tend to score well.

So I've been wanting to get back to Blip and challenge myself again. Hardly done that today, but I need to get used to a new way of thinking again. I may re-shoot shots I've done before but hopefully with a view of taking them better. But hopefully lots of new ones too.

I'm rubbish at commenting, but I will do my best. Hopefully I can string a few days together taking photos again!

Incidently. If you want to see those tourist shots of Symi there here: Symi Greece Photos. I've managed to get 6,323 'Likes'. And all from an island that has a population of 2,590 at the last census in 2011.

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