3 Peaks Cycle Challenge

By DrewBradley


Just an hour from Bratislava on the train and we arrive in Vienna. It should be as simple as it sounds. But unfortunately we were served by a shaved monkey* who was unable to tell us accurately when the train left. As a result we were left with a 2 hour wait in the train station. That's just something that happens once in a while but it was the bloody rudeness of the old goat afterwards that annoyed me! Some people are just assholes. That, I'm sad to say, crosses all borders.

Not to have our trip diminished we set out and explored Vienna. An absolutely amazing place! Just so much to see and we had only 24 hours so we did what we do best, ate.

Ham and cheese toasties, strudel, coffees, goulash, plenty of beer and some chocolate too.

While exploring the city we found the oldest church in Vienna. I saw a guy appear from some bushes and scuttle off down the street. Naturally I was curious to see what he was doing so investigated the foliage. And there he was, this fine gentleman. Who he is, I do not know. What he did, I do not know. But that's part of the fun I think.

*A shaved monkey would have done a better job.

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