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By nzredhead

The Fantastic Mr Heaphy

What a remarkably interesting day! Woke up to a 3' wonder telling me that I needed to cuddle him. Needed to. Ahh mornings!

Today I got to help Charlie out with a photo/video shoot! Super exciting and very entertaining!

This is Mr Heaphy, found >>Here<<, on his stilts. I can barely stand on a chair before I get the cold sweats, and here he was bending over backwards on stilts!!! He is an incredible entertainer and a genuinely nice guy (and a good looking one at that!)

While all of this was happening, Mash was having a day out with Grandma before she goes away for a couple of months. He is very full on I am told >.> When he arrived home late this afternoon, he was very 4. 4 going on 16. *sigh* I will get the hang of this!

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