Swimming Against The Tide

By ViolaMaths

Floral Facilites!

I went on a little trip to have coffee with a very lovely new friend today. It was a fabulous day out, which I very much enjoyed.

On the way there I rather cheekily availed myself of the "facilities" (knew that extra cup of tea was a mistake!) in a well-known supermarket chain (in which I shop quite a lot, so didn't feel particularly cheeky) and was rather pleasantly surprised.

All was clean and sparkling, all towels etc. were well stocked, the whole room smelt fresh (and not the "fresh" of cheap air freshener), and to cap it all there were fresh flowers by the washbasins. I thought they were so nice that I took a picture of them, even though it felt a little eccentric!

Oh, and yes, of course I washed my hands!

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