Life through the lens...

By ValC

Giant Haystacks

The hottest day so far ( up to 28c) and we went for a 5.5 mile walk! ( must be mad!)
A photo taken at the beginning of our walk today.
From North Rigton, to Burn Bridge and back. ( Nr Harrogate)
Through some lovely countryside.
The farmers are busy haymaking, and this is the tallest haystack I have seen.
I do like these oblong bales better than the round ones they do these day, which are then wrapped in black plastic.
You can see how high it is as M & R aren't midgets!

We haven't see our walking friends since before we went on holiday, so it was nice to catch up with every one's news, and as usual have a good laugh!

So glad we parked outside a pub at the beginning of our walk.
When we got back that cold pint of shandy tasted wonderful, as we sat outside.!

If I have the energy will now go and make tea!

Hope you are all enjoying the hot weather!

The title reminded me of this man.
6ft 11inches tall, weighing 300 kg.!
1946 - 1998

see here!

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