By FoundWalking

Three Hours and a German U-Boat Later

I ran 4 miles at a pretty good pace (for my age) yesterday. I paid for it today. By the time I got home I was beat. Tired of marching around the old mills I suggested we take the dog and walk over to the organic gardens at Lawrence. I wanted to post for the evening and be in bed by 9:00

We got back by 8:00. I was in the process uploading my photos off my camera when my wife asked me to join her for a movie. She was up in Manitowoc last weekend where they have an American sub on display, which led her to buy Das Boot off Amazon.

After tearing apart all the audio and video connections We realized that the DVD wouldn't work on our player. Now three hours later, I'm getting to my post. Blame it on the Germans.

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