By Brotographer

Masedog II

Characters from Surf Tour VIII – Mason again. I wanted to upload another surfing photo, so here’s Mase doing his usual.

We cleaned up the campsite this morning slowly. Then we took the bus back to Lisbon. Mcdonalds at the airport, and watching France get pummeled by Germany, neither of which were pleasant. Then the plane back to London, which ended up being hilarious only because I was sitting in Robbie and AHJ’s row. Where did you leave your passport bro? Then we took the bus back to Leam. We lost lots of people along the way, it’s sad to think this was the last surf experience at uni… I’ll be back for BUCS, along with all the other graduands (we do what we want), but it’s still bittersweet. Not just surf is over, but unay as well. We got back to leam around 3am, for what is gonna be one of my last nights here. Melancholy.


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