in a bubble

I was in a very meditative mood today.

Something extraordinary happened to me and I wanted to share it.

I showered this morning, and I usually did my breathing mindfulness exercises while enjoying the relaxing water. I was really calm and then suddenly I could feel the warmth and bright light on my crown. I reached my hands over the face and after touching it I saw a beautiful indigo color, as I moved the hands over the top of the head - color was changing into purple and emerald. I felt really blessed and connected, had a chat with the GOD and thanked him for everything he is doing for me every day. As I moved my hands over to my belly and down - color was really bright red and orange.

I felt blessed.

After that experience I was really easy at heart and understood things that were troubling me for some time.

I wonder if some of you will understand me?



ps. Kindly thanks for your fabulous comments and stars for lady Coco in MonoMonday challenge, many thanks to the host GingerNan :P
Meow xx

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