Nadine Pierce, a snapshot

By nadinepierce

An Uncommonly Fine Tribute

I stumbled across this tiny graveyard on the New Hall Estate a few weeks ago and blipped a toddler's grave from the early 1800s with charming phrasing.

At the weekend we discovered there was actually more writing on the back so today, I went back and took some time to try and read what it says.....

Alas Young Tenant of The Tomb!
In vain to thee shall Spring return:
Though all her sweets around bloom,
They cannot cheer thy clad-cold urn.

Where now's the blush that on thy cheek
Vied with the rose's vermeil dye?
The tongue how mute! That prattled sweer
How dark, the brightly beaming eye!

Deep is thy slumber Lovely shade
No plaint of woe can reach thy ear:
In earth's cold bosom lowly laid,
Though canst not see soft pity's tear.

Carlops 1808 J.F.

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