Still Alive

By rinkkasatiainen

A whole new day


I had thought that I would be working the days my little princess was in the hospital. Yesterday night I decided not to fool anyone, least me - by any means I could do any productive work during these days.

So I decided to start my paternity leave already today (or rather, yesterday). So I went to the hospital to see my wife and our little princess.

When I got there, I took my Canon 40D - it did have a funny noise, like something was broken. It indeed was - I had dropped my camera bag a few days earlier and the lens' foremost glass was totally shattered. Fortunately it was my macro lens.

Actually, it was a rather funny story, and I got the lens fixed. The outcome of the episode is even more funny, but that's another story (and blip).

So, my life's good. Excellent.

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