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The Snicket: On yer bike #2

Mmm this is a strange little blip! Today was a struggle on the bike against a wind that I didn't realise was there until I got out of the village and on to the high road! Consequently I had to focus on getting to work on time instead of stopping for shots.

However, I just had to try capture the notorious snicket. To avoid the 'hazardous to cyclists' main road, I cut through the estate near work and use this snicket as a short cut. It's always very dark because of the overhanging foliage and the vandalised lighting. A couple of years ago I cycled down it, went up an obstruction, stopped dead and bounced - I was on a discarded mattress!

The resulting photo, taken in high wind and with an exhausted cyclist in charge, is poor, yet it shows it like it is - dark and scary!

On yer bike #1

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