Where I want to espcape to

Yep, the mountains. Naturally they're bigger large.

Physio asked me to run for an hour today. I duly obliged and despite a niggly achilles (long story, it's from my foot break) there were no problems.

Plenty of washing and cooking on the slow cooker.

My friend Diana and I spent 2.5 hours at my home cleaning. We did a sterling job on the kitchen and downstairs joinery. It's still a broken house but hopefully that will resolve. I'm not sure about the professionally patched carpet. That is my choice to make. If I'm not happy, new carpet it is.

At the end of the day the fisher/hunter and I went back home to put a few more fittings up. As is the nature of these things, once goes easy and the next is proverbial pain.

This is the view from the top of the driveway where I'm living. Those mountains are where I've heading to tomorrow.

My foot will get to try crampons, and my mind and soul will be at peace. I'm not sure where that leaves the rest of my body but something has to do the hard work ;-)

Yes, it's time for a wee climb :-)

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