Plimsolls and petticoats

By JulieMorrison

Sleeping Fergus

Yesterday was such a busy day and I had a very late night mummy and daddy thought I'd have a lie in this morning I showed them as was up for my usual 8am having fed hourly since 5am.

I jumped in my jumperoo for Freya cat off a little bit and watched some if the commonwealth games on the tv - maybe one day I'll be on it getting a medal for my swimming or my jumping.

All yesterdays partying and today's jumping made me tired so I had a few cat naps just long enough for mummy to think she could move then of wake up, think she would know better by now!

Then I went to Grans for a bit so mummy and daddy could go to ikea again!

Then daddy went to work and me and mummy went to Granny and papa and I seen great grannie and granda. I also met Uncle Martin and Auntie Joan for the first time.

Now for a sleep over here with mummy.

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