What Happens Next

By RadioGirl

Bassett Found!

On the drive back to Mum and Dad's after our Sunday lunch, we took a short cut cross-country through the little village of Copford. In June you can see bizarre characters dotted around which people build for the Scarecrow Festival. The farmer whose field is on the main road through the village leaves his character in place until the next competition to.... well... scare the crows off his crops, presumably. On the day of the Festival a strawberry tea is served at the Primary School opposite his field. In previous years we've seen an enormous pig and a huge tyre man, made from car and tractor tyres. But the giant Bertie Bassett, who has been the mascot of Liquorice Allsorts since he was created in 1926, is my favourite so far. At the age of 88, Bertie is clearly still doing well at encouraging sales, because only ten minutes later Dad just couldn't resist buying a bag himself.

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