The builder finished his work today, so after he had left we took some of the waste to the recycling centre and came home to watch the final of Le Tour.

While looking for something my better half knocked her computer over - thankfully only onto carpet - so before I switched it on I opened it up to check that nothing had come free. It was a bit dusty - they gather a staggering amount of dust really - so I have it a good old clean with the vacuum (which hardly seems to make a difference) before I put it back together.

Today's blip is a shot of the motherboard with the CPU cooler visible, an old passive Nvidia graphics card behind it and some RAM to the left. It's about 8 years old and still running fine - though I'll probably have to replace it at some point when something fails and spares cost more than a new computer! In the mean time I have an identical machine (that was mine) that I can scavenge for parts if I need.

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