By Lightfantastic

Young Gaffer.

Today the Heritage Fair when all things historical were celebrated. Most think of Cornwall and Devon as purely holiday destinations, of sand, sea, cliffs and moors. A place to relax, to have a good time. Much of the prosperity of these counties was built on industry and agriculture often developing side by side and hand in hand with the great seafaring traditions. Budehaven as twas known, was not a mining centre but was a bustling port for a short time as testified by the sea lock and canal. Bude also have a castle built on sand. There were some great characters there today some lovingly tending model steam engines and others some agricultural steam powered grinding mills. This young gaffer caught my eye relaxing on a trailer

Some days new and exciting subjects for photos are hard to find. Other days they come thick and fast, you think ah that’s the one and then another opportunity comes along followed by another and so on. The last few days have been like this and so sorting out the grain from the chaff takes a while. I have in consequence got a little behind with my journal.

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