Shoe Tree - Buxton

On the way back from Buxton I finally managed to get a picture of the shoe tree.
For as long as I can remember I've been fascinated by the tree which has shoes (mainly pairs) draped from its branches.
I've always thought or hoped it went back to some pagan ritual but noone seems to give a definitive answer as to why they're here but here's a little bit of info I dug up from an American blog that maybe explains where the idea originated.

A shoe tree starts with one dreamer, tossing his or her footwear-of-old high into the sky, to catch on an out-of-reach branch. It usually end there, unseen and neglected by others. But on rare occasions, that first pair of shoes triggers a shoe tossing cascade. Soon, teens are gathering up their old Adidas and Sauconys, families are driving out after church with Dad's Reeboks and grandma's Keds. Many inscribe messages on the sneakers in permanent marker -- greetings, love poems and life accomplishments.

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