There was a definite temptation to go black and white with this, but there'll be return visits to Blackness Castle in weather more suited to black and white treatment no doubt. Today was all about the sunshine and the blue skies.

The intention was to take the bikes out to here and cycle out along the Firth of Forth, up through the tracks on the Hopetoun House estate and on to South Queensferry and over the bridge with Heather and Euan. Forgot that the bike rack was on the back of the other car and couldn't quite work out how to squeeze us along with three bikes into the little car. Next time though.

An enjoyable wander around a bit of an oddity of a castle that, with lots of the natural craggy rock integrated into its internal structure, seems like it was only half finished. Not so bad in the sunshine, but must've been a hell-hole in the wilds of winter.

That's not ice on the surface there, just the effect of the long exposure smoothing off the ripples.

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